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Where to buy affordable frames and sunglasses in pakistan?

by Salman Ibrahim 29 Apr 2024

Where to buy affordable frames and sunglasses in pakistan?

Looking for high quality frames with prescription lenses delivered at your doorstep yet being pocket friendly.Here comes Xshades to rescue.Choose from 1000+ designs of frames and sunglasses starting from RS1800pkr and your prescription lenses starting from RS800pkr .Delivering all over pakistan.

Why choose Xshades?

At Xshades we have 7 days return and exchange policy. After receiving the parcel, your glasses doesn't fit you there is no need to worry about.You will just have to send back your parcel at our address and choose your new frame.We want our customer to get what they want as they are believing us. It our duty to pay you back. We also make every type of prescription lenses tailored according to your needs. We always choose Top quality frames for you.Every eyewear on our website is quality checked and distinctive from every other sellers out there.

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