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Top 5 Sunglasses for men in 2024

by Salman Ibrahim 18 Jan 2024

Top 5 sunglasses for men in 2024

As we all know Sunglasses are important part of fashion mens nowadays.As everygender is using it as a dailywear accessories but as we all know sunglasses are now comes in differents of shades,color and shapes for example round,retro,geometrical and square etc.Apart from shapes they also now come in different types of material like Actetate,metal and TR90,So basically its hard to choose sunglasses when there are lots designs and color to choos from.

Xshades pakistan's premier Online sunglasses and eyeglasses store have been dealing in sunglasses since 2020 .So here are the analysis from our online store about the most selling frames for men in 2023-24.This blog will make your decision a little bit easy.

1.Maybach - 9050 - Golden - Brown - Metal - Acetate - Square - Sunglasses - Eyewear

2.Versace - 995 - Light Weight - Metal - Rectangle - Sunglasses - Eyewear

3.Lacoste - 6001 - Acetate - Metal - Aviator - Square - Sunglasses - Eyewear

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4.Cartier - 1303 - Wooden - Rimless - Metal - Hexangonal Round - Sunglasses - Eyewear

5.XSHADES - Rapperz - 7100 - Black - Blue - Polarized - Acetate - Square - Sunglasses - Eyewear

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These five pairs of shades are the most purchased sunglasses by men.Other then these their more 750+ designs of sunglasses to choose from.Every person has different mindset when choosing sunglasses if you are different from the average men around then you are free to choose other designs.

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