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Prices of eyeglasses lenses in pakistan

by Salman Ibrahim 16 Dec 2023

Sometimes it gets difficult to find best quaity eyeglassesat reasonable prices.You have to check different shops and vendors for prices which is very time consuming and day eater.Here comes Xshades for your rescue choose your favourite eyeglasses or sunglasses and the select your favourite lens.Upload prescription if you have any.

Here is the list for prices of All our lenses so dont get fooled by Other websites and shops:

Price list

Name Use  Prices
Normal plastic(CR39) For economical wear 800/=
Anti reflective (multicoated)

For better scratch resistance

30% blockage of uv rays

Screen protection(blue light blocker)

For better scratch resistance

100% blockage of uv rays

Transition (day and night)

For All day comfort

Dark in sun transparent at night

Sunglasses with prescription *Color as shown in picture 1300/=
Transiton+Blue screen(Screen protection)

100% blockage of uv rays

Dark in sun transparent at night

Swiss premium Anti reflective (multicoat)

Better scratch resistance and hydrophobic coating

Water and dust repeller

Europeon Standard screen protection

Blue coating

100% blockage of UV rays

Water and dust repeller

Europeon Standard screen protection+Transition

100% blockage of uv rays

Dark in sun transparent at night

Water and dust repeller

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